Apple iPhone ios 16 new Features- Top Hidden tips and tricks

A few weeks ago the ios 16 official update was released, very soon the official update will start rolling out to iPhone devices. This confirmation has been announced by Apple company. However, this update will be rolled out to some apple devices like iPhone SE, iPhone 8, and above devices that will get this ios 16 updates. Do you know what features are added in this update?

Overview iPhone ios 16 Features

BrandApple iPhone
Update VersioniOs 16
Official release dateSeptember 12, 2022
Latest version16.0.2
Who will get the update?iPhone 8 and above user

ios 16 Top Features, tips and tricks

As you know, the stable update of ios 16 has been rolled out to some devices and we will see some exciting features in this latest update just like ios 15. We have discussed below some of the features that will greatly enhance the user experience of the iPhone device.

In this upgraded version of iOS, some extraordinary changes have been introduced like,

ios 16 new Features and tips and trciks

Battery percentage

One of the most useful features has been added in iOS 16, for which many Apple users have been waiting for a long time. Finally, we can enable battery percentage on our iPhone after ios 16 update. Now we don’t have to visit the control center over and over again to check how much charge is left in the iPhone.

Lockscreen styles

In this update, we will see the most changes on the lock screen of the device. In the ios 16 updates, we will see a variety of customization on the lock screen. We can customize the font styles as we like, and many font colors have been added in addition to the font. We can increase or decrease the opacity of font colors.


Now we can see several changes in the lock screen widget. We have the option to customize new widgets like Calendar, Battery, Clock, and more in this update.

ios 16 hidden tips and tricks


This update added many new wallpaper styles like emoji wallpaper, color based wallpaper. Also, we can set random wallpapers on ios 16. By using the Photo Shuffle feature we can set multiple images as wallpaper and the images will automatically change from time to time.

In this update we can add emojis to the wallpaper, for this we need to select at least five emojis, then all the emojis are combined to create a wallpaper. We can change the size and style of emojis to small, big, medium, ring style, etc. Also, we can change the position of any image to bring the image forward or backward, it will look like a 3D wallpaper.

Hyptic mode

Finally, the Hyptic option has been added in this official update. To turn on this option, we have to go to the settings and turn on the feature from the “Sound and Text” option. This feature has been added to further enhance the typing experience.

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iMessage Send and Edit feature

In the iOS 16 update, we can unsend any sent message, just like WhatsApp undo messages. After sending a message to someone, if you realize the message was sent by mistake, then you can undo the message, and it is also possible to edit the message after sending. This will be the handiest feature of iOS 16 so far. We can use this feature till 15 minutes after delivering the message.

Drag and drop an image

We can copy a background element from any image without using any software. In this case, by holding on the image for a while, we can copy and paste the image somewhere else or share it with someone.

apple iPhone ios 16 top feature

Photo presets

A new option for editing photos has been added in the iOS 16 update. Many of us love to edit photos on iPhones, so this update has made it easy to edit photos. From now on we will get a new option called “Copy Edit” while editing an image.

After editing an image, we can copy it’s preset using this option and apply the presets by pasting in any image. This feature will save a lot of time for those who like to edit photos on their iPhones.

Live conversion

In the iPhone ios 16 updates, we will get the live conversion feature. Through this feature, we can convert any unit like timezone, currency rate, length, volume, height, etc.

Copy live text video

We got the live text photo feature in the iOS 15 update, now in ios 16, we will get the live text video feature. If a video file has any text then using this feature we can directly copy all the text from the video and paste it anywhere.


The iOS 15 update has brought a lot of changes to the weather app. This time in iOS 16, some additional options have been improved in the Weather app. Now we will see different graph scales for measuring temperature and humidity.

These were some of the exciting features that were recently added to the iPhone 16 update. We have been waiting for these features for years and finally, with this update, our wait is over.


Which iPhones will have iOS 16?

iPhone 8 and later iPhone devices will receive the iOS 16 official update.

Will iPhone 7 Get iOS 16?

iPhone 7 device is not on the list of devices receiving the iOS 16 updates.

How long does it take to update iOS 16?

ios 16 takes 15 to 30 minutes to update after downloading.

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