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World Noob Game- The changing trend and taste of the peoples are really unpredictable whether be it lifestyle, foods, hobbies and so is the case for entertainment; telefilms, movies and web series, as well as games, are parts of the entertainment We can refresh our minds by playing games. Where games like Assassin’s Creed give us the Ancient Civilization experience. Games like GTA offer an open-world experience. These games are easy to play because the developers make the games in such a way so that everyone can enjoy the gameplay. And if we want, we can play these games in difficult mode.

world noob game

There are some games that are available in easy mode, but these games are very difficult to play. Playing these games makes us more frustrated and exhausted. There are also some games that are very easy even in hard mode. So, today we are going to talk about some of the worlds noob games that you can easily play as a newbie or noob player. 

What are World Noob Games

The word noob means a newbie. In other words, a newcomer. That is, when we enter a field, we are known as newcomers or noobs to that subject. The Noob games here mean such games that we can masters within a short time frame without any prior experience and whose basics can be easily understand. 

World Noob Game List

  • Free Fire
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Hillside Drive: Car Racing
  • Leos Fortune
  • Subway Surfers
  • Ludo King
best noob game free fire

Free Fire

Free Fire is a popular multiplayer game. The secret behind the popularity of the free fire game is due the ban imposed on Pubg Mobile and the situation of Covid19 pandemic which led to lockdown. And the demand for this game is still growing day by day. Freefire is a battle royale game in which a total number of 50 players can join on one server. And the player who struggled to survive till the end is declared as the winner. There are even more reasons why this game is considered to a best world noob game, 

  • This game works wonderful on any smartphone. We don’t need a lot of resources in a free fire game. We can easily play this game on any type of smartphone.
  • The graphics of this game have been developed in such a way that any newbie can easily master it soon. Since the graphics in the game are not realistic, it is also possible to play this game on any smartphone. 
  • The Free Fire game uses less time than other Battle Royale games. This means that the game doesn’t last long. And newbies enjoys the game with full satisfaction. 
  •  The mechanics of this game are even very simple. Newbies will be able to master the game in a short time. 
world noob game fruit ninja

Fruit Ninja

When begging from Android smartphones, this game had a separate fan base. The gameplay of this game in true sense is quite simple; any new player would be able to play this game without any kind of hesitation. As the game begins some fruits will appear on the display and our sole job is to cut down or chop those fruits. The more fruits you are able to cut down, the more points you achieve. If you are unable to cut fruits three times in a row, the game is declared as over. We will say that it is a simple but very interesting game, if you want you could play the world’s simple noob game. 

Hillside Drive: Car Racing

Although I don’t like racing types of games, I have added one such game to our list. When you play this game, you’ll love it too. This game was released on the Play Store a few years ago. Hillside Drive is a very interesting game and it’s not unnatural that many of you might have never played this game before. That’s the reason, why it seems not to be such a popular game. The graphics in this game are much better. Nowadays, we place our emphasis more on graphics of a game. A lot of people have this misconception that higher game size represents better game graphics. 

Another reason why a lot of people like this game is that we have large varieties of car options here. The cyber truck is one such popular vehicle when compared with rest of the vehicles. I also used to play this game in HD. Here we can change the color of the car according to our needs and we can even modify the vehicle as per our taste.

The best thing about this game is that you can choose between 15 different types of vehicles. You’ll have to complete a lot of tasks to unlock each car. You can also upgrade these unlocked vehicles to make it easier to climb the mountain or road. It may appear to be a simple game, but it can also be described as the best game. 

best noob game Leos Fortune

Leos Fortune

Leos Fortune is an offline adventure game for single players. In our previous Nokia phones, we all have played a game called Bounce, which was a very popular game back then. Leo’s Fortune is a remake version of the said game. This is a 3D HD game. The music in this game is top-notch with lots of stories. It is also available for PC with Android, iOS, and Windows.

Perhaps many of you will be the first to hear the name of this game. It’s possible that many of you have played this game before. This is a very simple game and its controls are also really simple. But we still love this game. The gameplay is fantastic, which will make you want to play this game over and over again. 

Subway Surfers

The popularity of subway surfers games is beyond our imagination. There is a secret behind the development of this game that will surprise you. The game was released in 2012 based on real incidents. There are some games that have a lot of untold and hidden secrets behind them. We need enormous ideas to make an entertaining movie, and some movies are made based on real life incidents. This game is designed in such a way that it will deliver us an impression of real events. The game was released in 2012 and has more than 30 million downloads. From here, we can guess the popularity of this game. It’s also quite a simple but interesting world noob game. 

noob game ludo king

Ludo King

The only game that has helped to build much strong bonds between our old school friends and family members during corona waves. The main reason this game is a noob game is because of its graphics and simple concept. The game was first launched in 2016 and has since become very popular. But this game became a game-changer after the announcement of worldwide Lockdown. Ludo King is currently played in over 30 countries and is available in 14 different languages. This World noob game has gain much popular nowadays.

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