WB Internship Scheme 2022: Online Application, All Details

The WB Student Internship Program is a new project of the West Bengal government. As a result of this program, 6000 students are offered an internship each year. Each student receives an allowance of 5000 rupees per month. In today’s post, we will discuss in detail what WB internship scheme is. And what are the benefits of this scheme? In today’s article, we will also discuss what are the criteria for applying for this internship and how we can apply for it.

wb Internship Scheme

Overview Of WB Internship Scheme 2022

Scheme NameWest Bengal Internship Scheme
CategoryGovernment Scheme
BeneficiaryStudents age of under 40
Mode On applicationOnline
Launched Year2022

What Is WB Internship Scheme or Programme

We all study to get a permanent and stable job in government or in the private sector. There are some companies who usually asks for a certificate of experience before hiring or during the interview.In short, an internship is a type of practical training that we attain and complete before getting a job.

For example, you must complete an internship before you can work as a doctor or nurse. The WB internship program is the same. They train us before we apply for a position. Similarly, this internship program recruits and trains students in various government positions. WB internship scheme is a source of practical training.

Eligibility Criteria For WB Internship Programme

Many of you would like to apply for this internship. However, before you apply for this WB internship program, you must know the eligibility criteria. We are now going to discuss the criteria you should know before applying for this student internship. First of all, we will discuss about the educational qualification.

  • To participate in the WB internship, you must have got a U.G. degree. Any undergraduate degree that corresponds to the IIT and the diploma.
  • You can apply for this internship if you have 60% mark in graduate or undergraduate degree.
  • The age of the candidate must be less than 40 years old.
  • The student or applicant must be a resident of West Bengal.
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Benefits Of West Bengal Student Internship Scheme

  • During this internship, students receive hands-on training in various government departments.
  • 6000 students are accepted for an internship each year. Anyone who wants to apply for the internship during their studies can also do so.
  • All trainers participating in this internship will receive an amount of 5000 rupees from the state government.
  • Every year 6000 students will be admitted. Interested students can apply. Students who haven’t had an opportunity to do internship this year can reapply next year.
  • The duration of the internship is 12 months. And after the internship, if you perform well enough, you will be automatically renewed for the upcoming internship.
  • Candidates receive a certificate at end of the internship. The certificate can be used as an extracurricular activity for any subsequent government employment.You are not guaranteed a job with this certificate, but you can get some extra benefits.

How To Apply For WB Internship Scheme

The online application for the WB Internship Program has not yet started even after its official announcement. The official announcement about this internship was published around 4 months ago. As a result, the Online application is expected to be released soon. The appointment of the internship will be made by the department of higher education, for this you need go to the official website and check the notification regularly.

As soon as the online application process starts, we will inform you about the application process on our behalf. We have mentioned the website of the Department of Higher Education below. The upcoming WB internship announcement will be posted here and the next process will be completed based on this notice.

Official WebsiteVisit
AtiGeo HomepageVisit

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