5 Different Types of Smartphone Camera Lenses and its Uses Explained

What are the different camera lenses types used for and its uses in 2022

Most of the smartphone users now-a-days judge and analyze the phone’s camera specifications before buying a new smartphone. Which means, most of the smartphone users give the highest priority to the camera of the device while buying a new smartphone. Due to the advancement of current technology, most of the smartphones now have dual cameras, triple cameras, and quad cameras.

One of the reasons for having so many cameras is so that we too can took high quality pictures through our phones just like a DSLR camera can click. Due to which different types of camera lenses are seen in different smartphones such as wide angle, ultra wide angle, telephoto lens, depth sensor, macro lens and mono chrome lens.

But do you know where and how these camera lenses types are used for? In today’s article, we are going to discuss in detail some of the camera lenses installed in our smartphones. If you like taking photos with your phone, you need to know about the different types of camera lenses and how to use them.

Different Types of Smartphone Camera Lenses

What are the different types of camera lenses and their uses?

Depth Sensor

The first camera lens we will discuss is the depth sensor. Most smartphone cameras use depth sensor while taking pictures. Your phone may have a dual camera or a quad camera, in all such cases a depth sensor is used. This camera sensor is usually used while taking pictures in portrait option. The depth sensor blurs the background while taking pictures and, focuses entirely on the main object. Consequently, if any unwanted objects are present in the background it is ignored.

How does a depth sensor camera lens work?

how does camera lenses sensor  works

A depth sensor camera completes the image capturing process using 3D mapping techniques. Using this technique, the depth sensor emits an invisible infrared beam onto an object, these rays are reflected by the object and returned back to the depth sensor.

This helps the sensor to determine the actual distance from the object and allows the sensor to distinguish between the background and the main object. As a result, we see a blurry effect in portrait images.

Tele-photo Lens

This camera lens is mostly found in most mid-range and flagship smartphones. With a telephoto lens we can zoom in and take pictures. The zooming quality of these lenses are not as good as that of DSLR cameras. Because these camera lenses cannot take high quality pictures in low light. We can’t zoom with a telephoto lens like a DSLR camera. Only 2x, 3x, 4x and optical zoom are possible here.

Ultra Wide Angle Lens

Ultra wide angle lenses are commonly found on mid-range and flagship smartphones. I hope by hearing the name you can guess what these lens does? Ultra wide angle lenses capture photos over a large area. In general this camera lens is used when an object and background cannot be captured in a single frame. Ultra wide angle lens helps us to capture an object and its background within the same frame.

what are the types of camera lenses

Macro Lens

Most professional photographers use this camera len while taking pictures. With the help of macro lens we can take good quality pictures of close objects. But if we capture a close-up image of an object with a standard camera, the standard camera cannot maintain focus on the object for long, resulting in a blurry image. But with the help of macro lens we can take pictures of any object with full details. Wildlife photographers use this macro lens when capturing images at a much closer range.

Monochrome Lens

Mono chrome lens are used when we try to capture black and white images. Many of you might be asking the question that if we can take black-and-white photos with a standard camera, why would we use a monochrome lens?

Standard cameras take black and white images through software, but the Monochrome lens does this process with hardware rather than software. The reason is that these camera lenses does not capture color but instead captures light.

When we take photos with our smartphones, the phone’s camera and monochrome lens work together to make it easy for us to take high-quality images. Monochrome lenses are considered among the most useful camera lenses. An example of which is that when you use this camera lens in low light, you can still able to take high quality photos.

Which lens is mostly used in the smartphone camera?

Most of today’s smartphones are flagships, all of these phones use wide angle, telephoto and macro lenses.

What type of camera lenses is used in mobile phones?

Mostly Smartphones use 7 types of camera lenses, which are wide angle, ultra wide angle, depth sensor, telephoto, Monochrome and macro lenses and periscope lens.

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