New NBA 2k23 VC Glitch- Unlimited Vc is it Possible?

NBA 2k23 is already released, many of you may have started playing the game and looking for VC to upgrade your team. Today we have come up with NBA 2k23 VC Glitch through which you can get Unlimited VC.

What is VC in NBA 2k23?

Every game has some special items that we can use as cash. In this game VC i.e. virtual currencies are the main currency of this game. We can buy any in-game goodies using these VC. In addition to this, we can upgrade our favorite team, and unlock clothes and animations.

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We can get these virtual currencies by playing games, participating in events and completing daily quests, but the amount is insignificant. Basically, VC is the real currency of this game so we use to buy them.

What is VC in NBA2k23?

New NBA 2k23 Unlimited VC Glitch

Before we jump into this glitch, we want to tell you that we do not recommend doing this glitch.

Basically, this glitch is purchasing VC without actually purchasing it. We’re going to show you how to use this glitch, but first make sure you turn off all your payment methods from your console whether you’re on next-gen, current-gen, ps5, or any other platforms. To do this follow these steps: To be safe, click the three dot, up menu and select payment method, and remove everything that is added here. Once you have removed the payment method go back to the main back.

Now what you’re going to do is, go to the NBA store or any in-game store, just buy something that you don’t have enough VC for and put something in your cart that you want to buy, or put multiple items in your cart until it says you need more VC to buy this item. For example, if you have 2000 VC, you need to look for something that costs more than that amount. Just don’t purchase something that costs 1900 VC or less.

Then it brings you to the purchase VC screen. Here choose how much VC you want, it will depend on you how much VC you want. Select the one you want. And now try to add VC to your account. Leave the store as soon as, when it says purchasing, and close your game as soon as you exit the store. Re-open your game after some time.

SPOILER ALERT The amount of VC has been added to your selected account, right? As we said earlier I don’t think it will work with VC amounts above 5000.

NBA2k23 Unlimited Vc is it Possible?

Note : Doing so may get you banned or you may end up being charged if you have a selected card or other bank account selected on your account and we do not recommend using it. If you don’t care, then go ahead and use this glitch.

We don’t know how long it will work so try it as soon as possible and let us know in the comments below if it works for you. We tested it once and it worked and hopefully, it will work again.

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