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Friends, today Google has come up with lots of its unique products which we use in our daily lives. All applications are very useful in our day to day live, are also very user friendly and convenient to use. One such application is Google Pay. Most of us have already being accustomed to this application and there are very few people who doesn’t know or haven’t used Google Pay. 

As always, Google has decided to launch another new application called Google Wallet. In today’s article, we’re going to talk about Google Wallet. What exactly is Google Wallet and how do we use Google Wallet? Is Google Wallet actually being launched to replace Google Pay? In addition, we will analyze in detail the features of Google Wallet. 

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History of Google Wallet

Now, many of you will be wondering if Google Wallet is a new application that will be released soon. What will the story of this application be? If you look at the history of Google Wallet on the internet, you will know that this application has already been released before. Let us tell you a little bit about the history of this application. 

Google was the first company to introduce Google Wallet in 2011. And we already used to see this application on Google Nexus phones. However, Google Wallet was not released globally due to the lack of NFC support. In 2015 Google Wallet application was rebranded as Android Pay. And later, Android Pay was rebranded as Google Pay. In other words, the name of the application that we now know as Google Pay was previously Google Wallet. 

On Google Pay, we can use some limited features, such as transferring money, buying gift cards, and paying bills. But there were a lot of features missing. For this reason, Google has decided to rebrand the name of the Google Pay application and launch it as Google Wallet. This means that they are going to integrate the Google Pay application with the Google Wallet app. 

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What is Google Wallet?

From the name of the wallet, it is clear what we can do with this application. In Google Wallet, we can store any government document from a debit card, vaccination certificate, or driver’s license just like a physical wallet. Not only government documents, but we can also keep hotel keys and even car keys. It seems to be surprising to hear but it’s not a big deal for Google.

 In addition, the world is going to be completely digital in the upcoming future, so someone had to make the initiative. Just as we can put an ID on that Google wallet, we can also put money in that wallet which can be used whenever needed, we can easily purchase and settle payments through Google Wallet.

You don’t always have to pay from your bank account. Google Wallet is going to be launched in 38 countries, but the exact time schedule is still unknown. However, we have confirmed that the Google Wallet app will be available on the Android Play Store and App Store very soon.The names of the countries are,

Hong KongHungaryIrelandIsrael
LithuaniaNetherlandsNew ZealandNorway
UkraineUAEUnited KingdomUnited State

Will Google Wallet be 100% safe?

All the data we store in this wallet, such as the ID and bank account details, is end-to-end encrypted. Only the user itself can use the data. If a third party wants to access these data, they will not be able to do so because of encryption. There’s nothing to worry about since Google first and foremost criteria is security.   

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Features of Google Wallet

Google announced at an event few weeks ago that they would launch a new application called Google Wallet. And it will be a rebranded version of the Google Pay application. Since in the Google Pay app we have limited features, such as bill payments and money transfers. However, we’ll see some additional features in the Google Wallet app. We’ll look at some of these features below. 

  • We can store credit and debit cards in this wallet.  
  • In addition, we can store various government documents such as driver’s licenses, passports, and voter IDs, vaccination certificates and all of such data are end-to-end encrypted, which only the user him/herself can use. 
  • We can apply for loans in the Google Wallet app. Google might also offer us credit services. 
  • We can store all boarding passes and passport details in our wallets and also book tickets. 
  • We can store the car keys virtually which could be operated and access through the wallet application. 
  •  Google have stated that all such data stored in this application will be highly safe and secure. Because user details are confidential and a very credible factor. For this reason, Google have encrypted the data with by keeping the security and protection issue of user in mind.

Final conclusion

We hope to have this application soon on the Google Play Store or the App Store. Government identification, and bank details, are credentials information, is it safe to save all these documents in this application? A lot of you may be thinking. So Google has said that no one, except the user, can use this data. And if someone might even log into your wallet, they won’t be able to access that data because it’s encrypted.

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