BGMI INDIA Ban In 10 Days?? | NCPCR Action On BGMI

bgmi ban in india

BGMI (Battle Ground Mobile India) is well known and most of us is being playing this game. According to some reports, BGMI might soon be banned in India. BGMI India is the rebranded version of PUBG Mobile. PUBG was banned by Indian governments in 2020 due to data and security related issues. As because Tencent and Krafton both developed the PUBG mobile, and Tencent is actually a chinese-based company for that reason Indian government has banned PUBG and many Chinese apps.

Later Krafton , redeveloped the game for Indian users, by renaming PUBG Mobile, and released it in India as BGMI. But after all that, BGMI is on the same way to being banned again. There are many reasons for this and we all know the reasons very well.

The NCPCR recently wrote a letter to the MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) department explaining why BGMI is still available even after the PUBG mobile ban. The news of the BGMI ban has not yet been confirmed.

However, looking at the current situation, it is expected that BGMI will soon be banned. Someone from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and Krafton may have to answer some questions about it.

Reason for the ban on BGMI

This is very sad news for players. But there are compelling reasons why this game should be banned. A few days ago, there were two serious events which happened related to BGMI thus increasing the likelihood that this game would be banned.
A 15-year-old Andhra Pradesh boy committed suicide after losing a BGMI game. Because after the defeat, his friends bullied him, and as a result, the boy became depressed and took such a fatal and deadly step.
A 16-year-old shot down his mother because she resisted him to play BGMI. The incident took place in the city of Lucknow.
The chances of BGMI being banned has increased significantly following these two tragic incidents. It’s not just that only BGMI India is going to be banned in India but games similarly to BGMI and others might also get banned, including Free Fire.


The NCPCR, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, wrote a letter to the MietY Department on Tuesday asking why BGMI is still available despite the PUBG ban in India. Because BGMI is actually a rebranded version of the PUBG Mobile. The NCPCR has also asked IOA, the Indian Olympic Association, for a list of such games related to BGMI.

MietY Minister Ajay Prakash must give a explanation within 10 days on why BGMI was not banned even after the PUBG ban in 2020. And the IOA must give the NCPCR a complete list of all such games like BGMI and PUBG.
It is clear from the above mentioned verdicts that all games like BGMI are likely to be banned. The decision to ban BGMI has not yet been confirmed, but action could be taken against the BGMI game shortly after the two tragic incidents.

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