Best Gaming Custom ROM For PoCo F1

Best Gaming Custom ROM For PoCo F1-The PocoPhone F1 has been one of the most popular phones since its launch.The phone was released in August 2018. And so far, this phone has been called the best flagship killer phone. The Poco F1 has some unique features that have surprises us all.

Like the powerful SDM845 processor, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage, liquid cooling system, 4000 mAh battery and IR face unlock, the list goes on for only 21,000 INR Indian price. The SDM 845 is a very powerful processor that we have in the Poco F1 phone. As a result, no other phone in this price segment can offer the same level of performance as the Poco F1 offers. That’s why this phone is called a gaming phone.

Best custom ROM Poco F1

Many players had very amazing memories attach of this phone. This smartphone with the SDM845 chipset gave us the gaming experience which we generally find in a 30-40 thousand rupees smartphone. The phone was the best gaming phone on the market when it was released. But now, with recent updates, the phone’s performance has dropped, but in 2022,many people are still choosing PoCO F1 as their first choice when buying a gaming phone.

From the beginning, this phone had some internal problems that were later fixed by the Xiaomi company, and some problems have not yet been resolved.Because at that time, no flagship phone had offered us more than 800+ processors in this price segment. But then the Redmi K20 Pro came out with better gaming performance, but the price of this phone was relatively very high as compared to the Poco f1.

That’s why no one could replace the position of Poco F1. When the phone first started up, we were able to play games without any issues. A lot of people did live streaming on this phone. But when Xiaomi updates became available, performance decreased day by day and we had to face many new problems such as touch latency, heating problems and much more.

Although many people reported the problem in the Poco community, but all gone in vain. And many were forced to install stock ROMs while others decided to use custom ROMs. I also tried a lot of custom ROMs on the poco F1, such as Pixel Experience, Evolution X, Oxygen OS, Corvus OS, etc. Out of these few custom ROMs had better performances but were having more issues of bug. while some ROMs had fewer bugs, but the performance wasn’t up to the mark.

Best Gaming Custom ROM For Poco F1

And I’ve personally tried a bunch of custom ROMs on the phone. And finally, I found that the performance of some of the ROMs is excellent. We have selected some of these ROMs and added them to our best gaming list. You get less heating and a lag-free gaming experience on all of these custom ROMs.

Also, you never have to go through what I have encountered when choosing a perfect custom ROM. Here’s a look at some of these custom ROMs.

bootleggers rom for poco f1

Bootleggers OS

This is a custom ROM based on AOSP. In this ROM, we see the same features and customization as Pixel Experience. However, this custom ROM offers more customizations than the Pixel OS. At the same time, the performance is much higher than the Pixel ROM. This ROM provides the Bootleggers launcher instead of Pixel Launcher. And the customization of the launcher is in great number as compared to other AOSP ROMs.

I love the gaming performance of this ROM after Corvus OS. On Bootlegger’s ROM, we easily get 8-9 hours of Screen On Time. All AOSP ROMs are nearly identical, with only minute changes in theme, customization, performance, and animation. Bootleggers OS offers everything all together in a single package. In this custom ROM, we can run games at 60 FPS.

Reloaded OS

Reloaded OS is a popular ROM based on CAF. The performance and battery life of this ROM are better than other CAF based Custom ROMs . So far, many versions of Reloaded OS have been released, the latest version of which is the Android 12.

But I’m talking about a reloaded version of the Android 10 which was released on May 7, 2020. This ROM comes with Phantom Kernel. Which is pretty good if you play on a daily basis. But if you’re planning for hardcore gaming, you’ll have to change the kernels. The Selinux status of this ROM is enforcing but you have the option to switch it in permissive. You won’t find any additional customization options other than the reloaded tuner.

We know that the more customization we have, the probability of expecting bugs are high. At the same time, it affects ROM performance and battery life. However, this custom ROM provides us high quality performance due to its low customization.

The IR face unlock is also available in this ROM, which works perfectly. You can see different battery options where you can configure the battery profile for performance or balance as needed. There are no FPS tiles available in this ROM. To check the fps meter, we need to use a third-party app. You get decent performance compared to other AOSP based ROMs, since this is a ROM based on CAF.


You may be wondering what a CAF ROM is? Let me explain in short, CAF stands for Code Arora Forum. Every time Google releases its new version of Android, it also releases the source code. CAF is managed by Qualcomm. Qualcomm takes the source code and modifies it according to their needs. Later, the developer of the custom ROM takes this code and implements it in a custom ROM and publishes it as a CAF based ROM.

oxygen oss port poco f1

Oxygen OS Port For PoCo F1

Oxygen OS is a very popular Android operating system among all operating systems. In addition to the good user experience, Oxygen OS comes with a lot of customization options and features. Moreover, the number of bloatware applications are less on Oxygen OS. We have all these Oxygen OS features only on OnePlus devices. But with the help of Port ROM, we can install and use Oxygen OS on any smartphone.

All of these port ROMs are bug-free and stable enough. We can use these port ROMs for daily purpose as well as for gaming. Although these are port ROMs, but have almost all the features of a Oxygen OS. In addition, these port ROMs are not in beta version, the developers generally port them as a stable version.

We can also install Oxygen OS as a custom ROM on our Poco F1 devices. Usually, these ROMs are ported from other OnePlus devices, so all of these ROMs are called port ROMs.The Oxygen OS port for the Poco f1 device is maintained by developers Offgang and Mikudayo. Like Oxygen OS, all popular functions such as read mode, vivid color effect, ambient display, Horizon Light works well on these port ROMs.

Now coming to the bugs, we cannot change vibrations of the phone but with the help of a third-party application, we can change the mode of our phone. You can use Oxygen OS for games and daily tasks. I personally have used some of the Oxygen OS port ROMs out of which I prefer the Holi build of Oxygen OS.

corvus rom poco f1


I have been using this custom ROM since the release of Curvus OS. And in terms of gaming performance, this custom ROM never disappointed me. The first initial release of the Corvus OS is the unofficial version 3.5 by Gajin Shougan.

Of all the custom ROMs I’ve used, this 3.5 version ROM has the best performance. But since this version is the first build, this ROM has a lot of bugs. Later, several versions of Corvus ROM were released for Android 10, 11 and Android 12.Some of these popular ROMs are Curves 4.0, 5, 0, 8.0, 10.5 and Curves 3.0 A12.

If you ask me which version of Corvus is the best, my answer is Corvus 5.0, 8.0 and 3.0 A12. The performance of a smartphone depends on a few factors, such as the phone’s kernel, ambient temperature, and heating. The gaming performance of Corvus OS on stock kernel is quite stable, as phones never gets overheated while playing.

However, the Corvus ROM has some drawbacks, such as fake temperature, high battery consumption, etc. If all these problems are not a big problem for you, you can install the Corvus ROM without any hesitation.

eu evg zloy poco f1


The ROM was created by three Russian developer groups called eu, evg, zloy. This is a Chinese Beta ROM MIUI version of 20.9.4 based on Android 10. The user interface of the custom ROM is very smooth. Before we talk about performance, let’s discuss the features and customization of this ROM.

In this ROM, common features of China Beta ROM are added; such as New Charging Animation, Touch Latency Manager, etc. In this ROM, we can see and use both the new notification center of MIUI 12 and the old notification center of Android 11. Even though the custom ROM is rooted by default, we can still use the banking application due to the safetynet pass.

The performance of games on the custom ROM is quite stable and smooth. We can play games at 60 FPS without screen recording. If you are a MIUI lover and want to play hardcore games, you can definitely install this custom ROM. This ROM doesn’t have any bugs or a broken feature.This is the biggest plus point of this MIUI ROM.

Since it lack any heating issue in this type of ROM, there is no frame drop while playing high graphic game. While playing, the active battery draining is 25-30% and the battery temperature rises to 44°C. If you want to use this ROM as a daily driver, you should also try it.

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