My Aim In Life- Paragraph,Essay For Class 7,8,9,10 Students & Children in English

Aim In Life Paragraph & Essay For Class 7,8,9,10– The human brain is one of the most advanced device in the animal kingdom. With the help of this, we can achieve anything in reality. However, this device always works for a specific purpose or to meet a specific condition. One of them is to determine the Aim of life. If we can make the right goal in our lives, we can achieve that goal.

my aim in life

In Today’s article you are gonna learning about the most important topic that is my aim in life paragraph for class 7 to class 10.

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The importance of the Aim in life

If you can’t decide where you want to go, you’ll never reach your destination. If your goal is clear and committed, every goal of life can be achieved easily.That’s why you must first set your goal or aim.

It is impossible to find something when you don’t know what you are looking for. For some people they want to be successful or I want to be rich or I want to become a famous person. But let me clear these are wishes; wishes never comes true unless you have a specific purpose. So you must be specific what you want in your life. Your first priority is to setup your aim in life.

my aim in life teacher

My Aim In Life: Teacher (237 words)

The Aim in life is very important and everyone should have Aim in their life. This gives us a clear vision and direction for our future. A Wo/man without a goal are like playing football without a goal post. Now I am currently a 10th grade student. And I’ve made the decision that what I want to be in the future. My aim is life is to become a good and ideal teacher.

Why become a teacher? I think it’s the most noblest professional out there. A good teacher is always a true creator of a nation. Today’s children will be tomorrow’s ideal citizens if they are influenced by a teacher. I want to participate in the nation-building process in this way. Teachers are the backbone of a society. A teacher exercise a great influence over his people. Not only he impart knowledge to others, but also teaches them what is right and what is wrong. In fact, he/she is a kind philosopher and guide for the student. Only Ideal teachers can build ideal Nation.

I would like to a part of this profession imparting knowledge to youth until the end of my life. Now I’m preparing myself to be a good teacher. A teacher is always respected by everyone. A teacher feels well satisfied when his/her students are successfully established in society. The care and guidance I receive from my teacher inspired me to follow this noble profession.

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my aim in life doctor

My Aim In Life: Doctor(200 words)

There are some people in life who are driven by life without any direction. Because they don’t have clear and convincing objectives. So, I have made my future planning what I want to be. My dream is to become a doctor. Why become a doctor?

I grew up in the village since I was a child so I am very much familiar with the environment of rural area. Due to poverty the peoples in rural areas lack basic education, and the miserable state of health and treatment has made me very sad. Many of them don’t even get a basic medical attention and eventually die without proper medication. Since then, I have promised myself to be a doctor. The village will be my place of work. The main purpose of my life will be to serve the poor villagers.

Mostly illiterate and people with poverty dies as a result of epidemics such as cholera, typhoid, dengue, malaria and many more. In order to save the villagers in such hostile situation, I will provide free medication and diagnostic facilities. A life is worth more than enjoying one’s own happiness. Today, my dream will be a real success one day. I cannot alleviate the poverty and illiteracy of the villagers, but I will gain the strength and skills to save them from untreated death.

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FAQ My Aim In Life

How can I write my aim in life?

First, you have to decide what you want to be in future and then you need to explain why should you want to that person.

What is your aim means?

It’s a target or goal or what you want from yourself.

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