Agneepath Scheme Recruitment 2022 – Eligibility, Age, How to Apply

On the 14th of June,2022 our Union Defence Minister Shri Rajnath Singh announced new armed forces recruitment scheme entitled as Agneepath scheme.

He announced this day as a – Red Letter Day for Indian Military. He also pointed out that this was a historical decision taken by the cabinet committee secretary. Rajnath Singh also added that this scheme will be a Transformative Yojana to boost Indian defense and security and also side-by-side to provide opportunities to Indian youth for providing services in the military field for the nation.

Agneepath scheme

Overview of Agneepath Scheme Recruitment 2022

Scheme/Yojana NameAgneepath Recruitment scheme/yojana
Name of the postAgniveer/Armed Force
Conducted by Government of India
Working duration4 years
Age Limit17.5 to 21 years
Application ProcessOnline
Start date of applysoon

What is Agneepath Scheme 2022?

A recruitment scheme for Indian youths for a period of four years only. After selection, the employee will be called an Agniveer. Each year approximately 50,000 Agniveers will be appointed or recruited in the military services (in all the 3 spheres or pillars of defenses viz, Indian Army, Navy, and Air Forces). The following steps will illustrate the picture in detail.

Agneepath Scheme Recruitment 2022 Details

  • Agniveers will be selected/recruited in the 3 pillars of Indian defense.
  • Recruitment will be of Non-Commissioned ranks only. That means all the agniveers will be given posts below officer ranks.
  • Age limit of 17.5 to 21 years, above 21 years candidate will be ineligible to serve as agniveers.
  • Once selected the Agniveers have to attain mandatory training for up to 6 months (ie. Half a year).
  • Rest of the 3.5 years they have to serve their duty in different places at different posts. In ultimatum, they will be retired from their duty with due respect and financial packages.
  • But Government has mentioned clearly that only 75 percent of the Agniveers will be retained back and they will continue their services for a full term as a regular cadre.
  • Rest 75% will be given volunteer retirement. Selection of the 25% will be based solely on merit, and performance, during their service period.
  • 75% of Agniveers during retirement will be provided with financial packages of 12 lakh as per the Seva-Nidhi package.
  • No pension will be allotted for any Agniveer post-retirement. All salaries will be tax-exempted.

Agneepath Scheme Salary Details

what is Agneepath scheme

During the tenure of service, all Agniveers will be provided with a handsome salary. But 30% of the salary will be deducted per month which will be returned with interest at the time of retirement.

  • During the first year, a salary of around 30,000 will be paid to the Agniveers. Out of which 9,000 (30%) will be deducted and kept aside. Thus the in-hand salary in the first year is going to be 21,000 per month.
  • For the second year, a gross salary of 33,000 has been decided, out of which again 9.900 was kept aside. Thus the in-hand salary in the 2nd year is going to be 23,100 per month.
  • Similarly, in the 3rd year, a hike to 36,500 in salary will be provided to the Agniveers. after deduction of 10.950 Rs, the in-hand salary in the 3rd year is going to be 25,550 per month.
  • Lastly, in the final year, the salary will rise to 40,000 per month but after a deduction, an amount of 30% (12,000) the in-hand salary will be approximately 28,000 per month.

Agneepath Recruitment Scheme Benefits

  • A transformative Yojana emphasized to strengthened the Nation’s security.
  • will set up a youthful profile in the Indian military.
  • Agniveers when retired will be highly skilled, well trained, with high health and fitness, motivated and discipline youth.
  • This scheme is going to be a productive one, GDP growers, Agniveers will act as a facilitator or stimulators of GDP.
  • 75% of the retired Agniveers will also get opportunities and privileges in various state govt jobs, private and public sectors due to their potentiality and skills; thus increasing job opportunities for Indian youths.
  • Certificates issued to the retired Agniveers will fetch them easy loans from banks, by which they can run their own business or start entrepreneurship.
  • Through this scheme, Agniveers can also achieve higher education besides serving the Nation.
  • On martyrdom, full payment for unserved service will be provided to the family members. Life insurance covering a corpus of 48 lakhs will be issued to the Agniverrs.
benefits of Agneepath scheme

Agneepath Scheme Agniveer Age Limit

Applicants aged 17 to 21 years can apply for this Agneepath scheme.

Soldier Technical17-21 years
Soldier Nursing Assistant
Soldier Clerk / Store Keeper Technical
Soldier Tradesman
i) GeneralDuties
ii) SpecifiedDuties
17-21 years

Agneepath Scheme Apply Online 2022

  • All applicants visit the official website of the Defense and Ministry.
  • Search for the latest update or search for the Agneepath scheme apply the link and visit.
  • Fill in the required details, submit the necessary documents and pay the fee (if applicable).
  • Review the submission form again and submit the form.
  • Save the PDF file of Agneepath yojana for future reference
  • Wait for the official notification.
Note: In order to apply for Agneepath Scheme recruitment, You must visit the official recruirment board. While applying, please do not share your details on any website other than the government website, not even on this website. If you do, we are not responsible for any trouble you face.

FAQ About Agneepath scheme 2022

What is Agneepath recruitment?

A Transformative Yojana to recruit Indian youths and create a youthful profile in the military system.

What is the Agneepath scheme salary?

Multiple salary schemes have been decided. There will be a hike in the monthly salary during the consecutive years.

What is Agneepath scheme eligibility?

Indian youths between the age of 17 to 21 can apply for the post.

What are the benefits of the Agneepath scheme?

Besides serving the Nation, youths will be provided with salaries, they will be well trained, and skilled and, financial packages also be provided at retirement.

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