xPatterns is the only complete big data analytics platform available with a novel architecture that integrates state-of-the-art components across three logical layers: Infrastructure, Analytics, and Applications. xPatterns is cloud-based, exceedingly scalable, and readily interfaces with existing IT systems. It can act as a virtual abstraction layer across any IT system, extracting value from both legacy and new technologies immediately extending the life, value, and intelligence of an ecosystem.

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Web Services
  • Rich query language
  • Add & edit content
  • 2D & 3D Viewer
  • Interactive explorer
  • Search & Connect
  • 40+ report types
  • Live dashboards
  • Self-serve Studio

  • Highly accurate results for search & recommender scenarios
  • Rich query language, including faceting, boosting & location operators
  • Automated personalization & profile evolution
  • Real-time relevance improvement based on feedback
Machine Learning
  • Learn by example: Useful on problems with fuzzy or fast-changing decision criteria
  • 15+ classification algorithms available
  • Automated feature generation, measure & retrain pipelines
Neural Networks
  • Real-time adaptation
  • Dynamic training on incremental data
  • Apply business rules to make automated decisions
  • Rich rule semantics including hard/soft rules, grouping & functions
  • Real-time evaluation for millions of rules on commodity hardware
Natural Language
  • Extract facts from natural language text
  • Extract subject, polarity, tense & section contexts
  • Leverage multiple ontologies to find and normalize concepts
Topic Modeling
  • Automatically generate list of topics from a large body of text
  • Assign each documents its key topics, in real time
Data Mining
  • Reveal patterns in data, in an unsupervised manner
  • Association rule mining
  • Anomaly detection
  • Clustering, including by relevance for unstructured documents
  • Predict likelihood of future event based on mix of signals
  • Reveal which signals are strong indicators for the future event
  • Apply prediction model in real-time to enable advance action
  • Compute optimized solution of multi-criteria problems
  • Rich semantics for supported types of constraints
  • Near-real-time computation on million of constraints
Meta Learning
  • Inductive procedure for characterizing unstructured data
Cooperative Distributed Inferencing
  • Multi-criteria inference and optimization engine
  • Supports both hard and soft rules
  • Automated induction of hybrid model from multiple noisy sources
  • Non-monotonic reasoning, enabling an always evolving model
  • Distributed architecture scaling to millions of collaborating elements

Data Integration
  • 400+ Connectors
  • Petabyte scale
  • Structured or Unstructured Text
  • Streaming or scheduled updates
  • Real-time or batch
Data Quality
  • Data Quality
  • Mapping
  • Normalization
  • Categorization
  • Enrichment
  • De-duplication
  • Quality gates
Managed Cloud
  • Managed Cloud
  • Soup-to-nuts cloud infrastructure
  • Enterprise-grade
  • Launch in a day
  • Elastic
  • Secure
  • Compliant

We enable our customers to combine the advantages of cloud computing, big data infrastructure, advanced analytics and enterprise-grade web applications–all via a singular, cohesive architecture. We help companies by alleviating the need to create patchwork solutions in-house, as they are often forced to do today. Instead, we offer a way for our customers to use a platform-based approach to create truly intelligent analytics—quickly, and cost-effectively.