xPatterns Enterprise Solutions

xPatterns helps you connect the most disparate data sources, automatically discover insights and relationships you might not even think to look for, and act on that intelligence. As a complete big data analytics platform, xPatterns operates in the cloud to lower any company’s cost barrier for extracting knowledge from all available data, even with a legacy IT infrastructure. Enterprise-grade and developer-accessible, xPatterns makes data easier to leverage in its native state, vastly reducing the effort, expense and limitations of data architecture and analysis.


Unlocking the Business Potential of Big Data


  • Complete Platform: Ingest large datasets, run analytics, and build applications
  • Cloud-Based: No need to buy, install or configure hardware
  • Integrator: Build applications rapidly with customized components
  • Fully-Managed: No need to train IT or Ops teams on new technology

Cutting-Edge Intelligence

  • Analytical Performance: xPatterns-bred and customized open source algorithms
  • Integrator: Leverage your existing software, data, and business logic
  • Cloud-Based: Leverage pre-built, always-up-to-date public datasets

Reduced Risk

  • Fully Managed: All production SLAs are maintained at a known cost
  • Enterprise Grade: Designed for real-world production applications
  • Compliant: Designed, tested and operated for the toughest standards

xPatterns democratizes the current technologies by abstracting the complexity of usage, such as open source Hadoop framework, and adding ever increasing proprietary and open source intelligence and tools to enable automated and easy manipulation of data to fit any business need. xPatterns provides an SDK to easily configure plug-and-play components and to experiment with best in class tools, reusing and integrating with the company’s existing assets. Data scientists can directly deploy apps as web services or analytical jobs, providing a seamless transition from analysis to production. The runtime environment (Hadoop, NoSQL, search, etc.) is completely abstracted away, allowing for faster time to market, no need for in-house expertise, and easy transition between underlying technologies. The framework is designed to achieve flexibility for customers to choose the right intelligence to solve their specific Big Data problem using a simple high-level programming language.  While customers focus on business solutions, xPatterns take care of the environment, lowering the barrier of entry for any enterprise or application to unlock the value of their data.

For the enterprise. For developers. For the breakthrough.


Data Integration

Directly ingests unstructured, noisy and dirty data – eliminating traditional ETL processes.


Semantic Search

Domain specific search with meaning – not just text indexing.


Predictive Analytics

Best performing algorithms, by inventing and productizing new research.


Knowledge Discovery

Automatically discover patterns in data – don’t assume them in advance.



Unique technology that can handle the biggest and most complex inference & optimization problems ever addressed.



Domain specific recommenders taking into account specialized goals, context and personalized preferences.



Interactive exploration of large, noisy, unstructured datasets and the diverse & weak connections between them.

If you have a tough data problem, not easily solved by current methodologies, xPatterns can positively impact your organization in widely influential ways. By uncovering more relevant connections in data at game-changing speed workflow procedures are streamlined, development cycles are reduced, and customer and patient needs are anticipated more accurately. From healthcare, energy, security and beyond — if it requires information to do its job, xPatterns makes it intelligent. Companies in all sectors are increasingly realizing that they are effectively “big data” companies by virtue of their massive enterprise and customer data repositories. While acutely aware of the critical need for analytical insight into both stored and streaming data, a number of factors impede progress toward surfacing intelligent solutions: the state of the data, lack of resources and expertise, lack of infrastructure, state of tools & solutions, and the quality and evaluation of results. xPatterns solves these problems, as the fastest, best-performing, lowest-risk way to build intelligent big data applications. Just as web development moved from the early days of build-your-own caching/sessions/security to ubiquitous use of full-featured application servers, xPatterns is evolving intelligent big data application development into a similarly pervasive use of end-to-end big data platforms.