Atigeo Acquires ClearSight Technology

Atigeo Acquires ClearSight Technology

New Intelligence Extended to xPatterns Advanced Data Analytics Platform

 – The xPatterns® big data analytics platform from Atigeo™ will deepen its intellectual property (IP) portfolio as a result of the recent acquisition of ClearSight Systems technology. The technology assets were acquired in the second quarter of this year.

The newly-acquired IP is seamlessly compatible with the xPatterns central analytics engine and expands xPatterns’ reach in real-time data, dynamic forecasting, and enhanced insights for enterprise customers.

“Atigeo is uniquely positioned to take ClearSight technology to the next level while providing greater depth and breadth of data intelligence on Atigeo’s already robust xPatterns platform,” said Michael Sandoval, founder and CEO of Atigeo. “Atigeo’s Chief Scientist, Wolf Kohn, was the original architect of the ClearSight technology that enabled delivery of advanced applications to a number of leading clients in the software, financial services, and federal government sectors.” 

ClearSight technology is based on compounded mathematical models and approaches that deliver advanced, real-time predictive data analytics. A key capability of the new IP is an agent control architecture that makes it possible to maintain data intelligence integrity, keeping the data system whole even when one or more parts might be compromised. This sophisticated technology will seamlessly integrate into Atigeo’s flexible xPatterns platform, which is designed to work within complex enterprise environments to solve some of the toughest problems. The advancements will help maintain xPatterns as one of the leading data analytics platforms on the market.

Atigeo Corporation is a compassionate technology company for a wiser planet. The xPatterns® platform, Atigeo’s flagship big data analytics product, generates knowledge from all available data to deliver previously unforeseen insights, predict outcomes, and mitigate risks. xPatterns revolutionary analysis is localized, responsive, adaptive and automated, which means organizations can quickly deploy a solution, extend existing technology investments, broadly scale and apply learnings in a timely manner to solve the most complex business problems. Atigeo serves customers across healthcare, cyber, defense, energy, and financial services. Additional information is available at ATIGEO or on TWITTER or LINKEDIN.

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