Large operations in government and healthcare choose xPatterns for its illuminating analysis and rapid application deployment. This powerful combination, only available through the xPatterns platform, transforms data into high-impact intelligence for the right people at the right time.

The xPatterns Platform

When we set out to solve some of the world’s hardest business problems, we recognized this goal would require building a revolutionary platform that could utilize all data types at scale, to gain deep insight and rapidly deploy custom applications.

When we ingest data, we give you relevance. When we create pipeline request and a workflow, we give you relevance. Every step along the way our end users get relevance. They get relevance from an individual perspective, and they get relevance from an organizational perspective.

Vishnu Vettrivel
Principal Engineering Lead


Rapid Application Deployment

If you have a tough data problem, not easily solved by current methodologies, xPatterns can positively impact your organization in widely influential ways. By uncovering more relevant connections in data at game-changing speed workflow procedures are streamlined, development cycles are reduced, and customer and patient needs are anticipated more accurately. From healthcare, cyber, defense and beyond — if it requires information to do its job, xPatterns makes it intelligent.

The sprint to big data readiness can yield costly one-off strategies that falter in the face of dynamic data and evolving business requirements. While some solutions offer domain-focused reports at the strategic level to the C-suite, their approach comes at the cost of expensive, multi-year service engagements. In contrast, other leaner solutions focus at the tactical level on the IT professional, but at the cost of yielding limited organizational impact with light-weight analytics. Both approaches miss the operational level, where business happens.

xPatterns enables the enterprise to transform insights into coordinated, tactical, operational and strategic decision making from the IT professional to the CEO. It encompasses a high-impact and highly automated solution by bridging strategic value and tactical efficiencies with operational practicality. xPatterns radically accelerates an organization’s ability to make advancements when and where it matters most. This is possible because xPatterns is a responsive and flexible platform, delivering actionable intelligence, surfaced via rapid application deployment.


Interconnected Toolkit

xPatterns provides an SDK and APIs to easily configure plug-and-play components and to experiment with best in class tools, reusing and integrating with an organization’s existing assets. Data scientists can directly deploy apps as web services or analytical jobs, providing a seamless transition from analysis to production. The runtime environment (Hadoop, NoSQL, search, etc.) is completely abstracted away, allowing for faster time to market, no need for in-house expertise, and easy transition between underlying technologies.


Hybrid Analytics

xPatterns’ hybrid analytics offer the best combination of approaches that are applied for contextual need and real-time changes in data, while self-improving and evolving in production. In order to build the best model for the questions being asked, xPatterns hybrid analytics are localized, responsive, adaptive and automated. This unique configuration is made possible by xPatterns’ Cooperative Distributed Inferencing (CDI) engine, which learns over time and self-optimizes through a hybrid approach of maximizing hard rules and soft rules, both supervised and unsupervised.


  • Contributes to a common view or strategic goal by coordinating and focusing analytical activity within the enterprise
  • Supports rapid delivery of analytic summaries to nodes in a grid computing architecture with common indices for deeper dive forensics.


  • Enables insight at every stage of the analytical pipeline from first placement ingestion to adaptive forecasting.
  • Finds the pattern that corresponds to the query and builds a trajectory for the response.


  • Extends the life of current systems and appliances by dynamically adapting rules and predictive models.
  • Accommodates conflicts and repair mechanisms derived from "localized" needs.


  • Pushes the right algorithms to each problem according to the analytic need.
  • Utilizes a hybrid approach where event-driven analytics draw from an algorithm library

For data scientists, who like to design their own model and run experiments, xPatterns provides easy-to-use analytics, automated experimentation and feature generation tools. These and many other ready-to-use components make it effortless to do data modeling and experimentation in a distributed environment.

The human being, when he solves a problem, makes an attempt to solve the problem.  And if he finds a barrier or finds a solution is not correct, he adapts and finds a different solution.  What we have tried to do in our tools, is to incorporate this capability formally, and make it work efficiently.


From the start, xPatterns’ hybrid analytics instantly shows relevant insights through an approach called sense-making. The sense-making process gives meaning to experiences and channels insights across different sources. It constantly adapts the use of algorithms to increase situational awareness and accuracy rates, enabling strategic value across all lines of business.


Utilize All Data At Scale

Once installed on the edge, at the core, or outside of the network, xPatterns consolidates and connects structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data dispersed across existing tools and appliances.

xPatterns at the edge enables centralized and customized accelerators to be published and federated at satellite locations, next to the data sources. This provides “first placement” instant and relevant analytic summaries to be universally shared, and massively paralleled, alleviating the need to transport data to a central location. This approach extends deep analysis in unison, across the network while synchronizing centralized analytic requests.

xPatterns offers a fast-start solution for Cyber and Healthcare and any complex organization can leverage this same rapid deployment integration. With the ability to custom design applications utilizing all data types at scale, your organization will access unprecedented insights.

Linsey Keitges

The people here at Atigeo are among the very best! I love being surrounded by such intelligent and hardworking people.

Linsey Keitges
Director of Human Resources


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