Atigeo’s xPatterns is the First Enterprise-Grade Big Data Platform Leveraging Spark, Shark, Tachyon And Mesos

Atigeo’s xPatterns Platform Makes Big Data Processing & Analytics up to 20 Times Faster with Cutting-Edge Open Source Technologies

Bellevue, Wash. – March 17, 2014 - Atigeo™, a compassionate technology company, today announced the first ever enterprise-ready implementation of cutting-edge open source projects: Apache Spark, Apache Mesos, Apache Shark, and Tachyon. Integrating these technologies into the xPatterns 4.0 big data analytics platform enabled Atigeo to deliver 20x faster processing speeds for current customers.

“We are continuously looking at the technologies that are the highest value to customers,” said David Talby, Atigeo Senior Vice President of Engineering. “xPatterns stays ahead of the industry by taking new technologies, making them enterprise-grade, and providing tools and software that deliver immediate benefits to our largest enterprise customers.”

xPatterns 4.0 is the first big data analytics platform to fully integrate and support these cutting-edge technologies, freeing Atigeo’s customers from costly integration projects.  xPatterns 4.0 Spark, which is an in-memory parallel processing framework, Apache Shark, which enables large-scale data warehouse processing through its SQL-like query engine, Apache Mesos, which is a cluster-management system with efficient resource isolation and sharing across distributed applications, and Tachyon, which enables reliable file sharing at memory-speed across cluster frameworks such as Spark and Hadoop.

The upcoming Spark Summit 2014 in San Francisco will feature Atigeo Senior Director of Engineering, Claudiu Barbura, who will demonstrate the improvements built on Spark, Mesos, Shark, and Tachyon.

About Atigeo™

Atigeo is a compassionate technology company for a wiser planet. Its big data analytics platform, xPatterns, operates either on premise or in the cloud to lower any company’s cost barrier for extracting knowledge from all available data, even with a legacy IT infrastructure. Enterprise-grade and developer-accessible, xPatterns makes data easier to leverage in its native state, greatly reducing the effort, expense and limitations of data architecture and analysis. For more information, please visit or find us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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