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WEBINAR: Security Framework Approach for Cloud Deployment

Webinar led by Vishnu Vettrivel, Principle Engineer and Lead for Platform Development: An introductory 12 steps for securing your data driven cloud deployment.

Atigeo Presents - "Online Predictive Modeling of Fraud Schemes from Mulitple Live Streams"

David Talby, CTO and Claudiu Branzan, Principal Lead - Software Engineering present at the Spark Summit, February 2016. 


Below is an archive of relevant whitepapers, fact-sheets and case-studies. Let us know if there is anything you would like to learn more about!

xPatterns For Cyber Whitepaper
There was a time when cybersecurity consisted of taking preventive and mitigation measures against known classes of threats. There would be new viruses, new exploits of vulnerabilities, and new... Access
xPatterns For Cyber Factsheet
xPatterns for Cyber is a unified sense-making platform, delivering comprehensive security intelligence and providing the real-time information that defenders need to identify, prioritize and respond... Access
Use Case: Overseas-Based Organization Unleashes xPatterns Against Global Cyber Attacks
An international organization operating overseas needed to optimize their existing networks to predict and prioritize the most critical cyber threats against their network. Once installed on the edge... Access
Use Case: U.S. Department of Defense Gains Situational Awareness Analysis
The U.S. Department of Defense needed to gather real-time intelligence and identify potential threats to the, based upon an enhanced situational awareness system. Through a contractor for the DoD,... Access
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