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xPatterns Accountable Care Intelligence (ACI) captures and integrates data across all providers, extracting clinical insights used for effective prediction and intervention opportunities to assure optimal outcomes. By improving the clinical, financial, and operational performance of your healthcare organization, xPatterns ACI enables a successful transition to the pay-for-performance model.


 xPatterns Accountable Care Intelligence (ACI) unifies provider and patient information and processes to help doctors and payers anticipate medical complications and prevent unnecessary costs. By integrating into the EHR workflow xPatterns ACI dramatically reduces the risks of readmission, complications, co-morbidities, disease, network leakage and more. The visualization dashboard pinpoints crucial intelligence to help doctors anticipate health risks before they happen and personalize patient care with the highest possible degree of quality and fiscal responsibility. xPatterns ACI intelligence is complete, current and in-context with any new diagnosis or treatments, and new management policies. This achieves a 360-degree view of the patient’s health patterns and physician activities, helping guide critical decisions and best practices by surfacing information that has clinical relevance at the right point in time.

It is incredibly difficult for healthcare organizations to manage and predict risks and costs; Patient lives are at risk and quality of care is at stake due to unnecessary hospital readmissions, lack of care coordination, and avoidable complications. In addition, tens of billions of dollars are lost annually in the midst of network leakage, lack of system coordination, and avoidable Medicare penalties.

• Patient data from physicians, ambulatory and other ancillary providers are found in different systems
• Up to 80% of patient data is buried in physicians, nurses and other ancillary providers’ notes in the form of unstructured, free-text data
• Complete insight into patient population may be limited, which hinders optimization of service
  • Managing the costs and risks when transitioning to pay-for-performance is nearly insurmountable
  • Avoidable readmissions, complications and network leakage are discovered after they happen
  • Financial implications interfere with optimizing services for the best possible care


Rapid Application Deployment

xPatterns Accountable Care Intelligence supports a growing portfolio of specialized applications designed specifically for ACOs and health-related organizations:

Stratify patients by risk categories to better prioritize care management, improve outcomes; optimize revenue
and reporting.

  • Harnesses a Master Patient Index and Unified Patient View
  • Predicts and prevents patient readmissions, complications, and other avoidable expenditures
  • Indexes high-risk patients of a hospitalized event before they enter the exam room
  • Identifies POA/HAC (Present On Admission/Hospital Acquired Condition)
  • Modifies Risk-Adjusted Premiums for Medicare Advantage

Understand physician referral network leakage, optimize resource utilization, and improve documentation.

  • Characterizes physician referrals and conditions; as well as origins for network leakages
  • Alerts repetition of expensive and possibly avoidable procedures for medical conditions
  • Indicates available pharmaceutical alternatives and patient-specific health effects
  • Detects fraud, waste and abuse for management
  • Clinical Auto-Coding (C.A.C.) improves the efficiency, accuracy of documentation process


Interconnected Toolkit

xPatterns largely automates away the problem of operationalizing analytics and insights. The interconnected toolkit provides the ability to automatically publish big datasets to a NoSql store. This enables millisecond response times when searching against billions of patients, medical encounters and results in a master patient index; publishing unstructured datasets like PubMed into free-text search indices; or publishing predictive models to enable real-time analytics and alerts about patients at risk.


Hybrid Analytics

xPatterns ACI captures and links data from different providers, systems and health portals, extracting clinical insights used for effective prediction. It also monitors and provides intervention opportunities to assure optimal clinical and financial outcomes. By leveraging the xPatterns platform, it can utilize all data, categorize it into over 2.7 million clinical concepts spanning over 100 categories, and apply advanced machine-learning and predictive models.

Integrates data across provider networks, remote care and other external providers.

Extracts information from physician/nurse notes, which is critical for better decision-making. Categorizes unstructured notes into over 2.7 million clinical concepts spanning over 100 categories. It can distinguish identical phrases in different contexts (such as orthopedics, cardio, immunology, oncology, diagnoses, procedures, etc.).

Leverages advanced methodologies to enhance the patient-level data analytics. Integrated EHR workflow for providers to construe insights just-in-time to assure optimal financial and clinical outcomes.

Predictive models that automatically and dynamically acquire knowledge from health patterns and specific characteristics of patients (such as history and risk profile) and providers (such as network, demographics, care, etc.)

Enables hospitals to enrich their data by combining it with public, government datasets, sensor information, and social media data.


Utilize All Data At Scale

Critical clinical information is found in different systems and in different formats. Most solutions are only able to utilize partial sets of clinical, financial, and operational data, but this results in a limited view of the provider and patient and can lead to inaccurate decision-making. In contrast, xPatterns builds organizations an enterprise data lake consisting of all patient, provider, financial and operational data. By connecting the structured and unstructured (narratives and images) in a meaningful way, patient and provider stories, are immediately available for analytics. In addition, xPatterns has the ability to comply with each organization’s unique requirements, and can leverage existing infrastructure.

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