xPatterns for Cyber delivers comprehensive security intelligence and provides the real-time information defenders need to identify, prioritize and respond to advanced security threats. It sits on the edge and at the core of networks to rapidly strengthen existing point solutions and appliances and integrates incident response and remediation for full-scale cyber threat intelligence.


xPatterns for Cyber delivers a distilled list of prioritized threats from a sea of false positives, in order to provide actionable responses to operational staff and key decision makers. It streamlines the analytic process to exponentially increase efficacy and productivity across all security assets and resources.

It is designed to provide insight before an event happens, accelerate remediation, and to enable the end user to produce their own specialized dashboard and applications. Data is analyzed in real time, near real time and forensically. This hybrid approach reveals temporal, spatial, thematic, and semantic patterns within the data so that it can be sorted and refined simultaneously. With xPatterns, interdisciplinary relationships and unexpected data combinations are surfaced from multiple, and often unrelated sources providing a 360-degree view for security intelligence.


Organizations face the immense technological challenge of defending against evolving security threats that are immune to their firewall, and they often lack the right skill sets and tools to internally address them. As a confederation of hackers share best practices and proven attack vectors in order to conduct illegal operations and steal organizational intellectual property, many attacks often go unnoticed, compromising proprietary information and costing billions in financial losses.

  • The volume, magnitude and sophistication of attacks will continue to increase
  • Threats are moving to zero-day exploits that follow advanced and persistent tactics
  • Security policies, strategies and planning remains fragmented within organizations
  • Incidents of cyber threats may be hidden from other existing security solutions installed
  • SIEM tools and appliances are point solutions with fixed function and purposes
  • Very few cyber intelligence solutions effectively search for known and unknown threat vectors


Rapid Application Deployment

xPatterns for Cyber is developed and configured for maximum flexibility and ease of deployment. Once installed, it pulls in any type of data touching the organization. Additionally, it ingests and provides first placement analytics while synchronizing dispersed streams of raw, disparate data in ways that are most relevant to the user.


  • Ingests any type of data including external sources such as dark web, zone field, and social media
  • Monitors known and unknown attackers based on public and our proprietary blacklists
  • Provides a fast start to protection, detection, prediction and proactive and precise threat remediation
  • Monitors and blocks active connections to potential Command and Control domains
  • Submits relevant analytic summaries from the edge of the network


  • Classifies and re-classifies significant portion of matched and unmatched IPs
  • Pursues active spear-phishing campaigns with pattern discovery across all security data applications
  • Automatically exposes and adapts to inconsistencies, while highlighting most critical vulnerabilities


  • Enhances existing security appliances (firewall, intrusion and endpoint detection and response, application and network performance, malware, and SIEM tool)
  • Shows actionable insights across semantic, spatial, temporal and thematic dimensions
  • Streamlines security operations, accelerates remediation, understand the immediate effects on IDTs, firewalls, endpoint detection and response, and application security


Interconnected Toolkit

xPatterns for Cyber largely automates away the problem of operationalizing analytics and insights. The interconnected toolkit provides the ability to automatically publish analytic summaries that are translated as policies for integration with existing security appliances. This enables a pre-emptive “left of bang” approach to intrusion detection, data loss prevention and network operating efficiencies.


Hybrid Analysis

xPatterns for Cyber unifies data and constantly adapts the use of algorithms to pinpoint seemingly asymmetric threats with unmatched precision. Whether it is applied to real-time flow, near real-time persistence, or deep data mart forensics, our hybrid analytic approach contextualizes polymorphic data using one overarching principle: let the data find the data and the user find the relevance.


xPatterns for Cyber can completely describe the motion of any entity through space via common points, where massive amounts of data intersect and may be considered to act. These common points of massive amounts of data are called cyber centers of gravities. Data, public sources, science and technology, patterns, networks and infrastructure all have unique Cyber Centers of Gravities which are converted into relevant and valuable intelligence.


xPatterns for Cyber can process terabytes of data every hour, abstract packet flow in real-time to trillions of unique entities, distill them to billions of inferences, and then promote those entities to millions of candidates, highlighting the 12 real threats for payload visibility, inspection, and transparency . . . in only 23 milliseconds.


Utilize All Data At Scale

Critical information is found in different security tools and appliances and outside an organization’s firewall in many different formats such as vulnerability assessments, blacklists, whitelists, social data, zone field data, industry reports, and volumes of other heterogeneous data types. Internal to your organization a seamless connectivity of external data sources with internal packet capture, payloads, DNS, DLP, trouble tickets, and system logs enable effective situational awareness of both vertical and horizontal network activity. Most security solutions are only able to utilize partial sets of this data, which results in a highly limited view of the threats at hand. In contrast, xPatterns for Cyber balances organizational “crown jewels with evolving threats and operational concerns while still remaining flexible enough to to comply with each organization’s unique requirements, and can leverage existing infrastructure.

Use Cases

Jeffrey Wheat

As a Systems Engineer I love working at the convergence of leading edge cyber analytics and blue ocean Big Data Analytic analysis that Atigeo embodies. The use of all source information to derive actionable intelligence in the cyber realm drives the out of the box thinking that permeates Atigeo.

Jeffrey Wheat
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