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At Atigeo, we’re a team of problem solvers, scientists, game changers, and technologists who set out to make a difference in the world. We create technology that helps people and organizations solve critical and complex issues impacting humankind. Join us and take part in the exciting journey of a high-growth company!


Clinical Language Platform: Built our own advanced natural language engine that semantically understands relationships in free-text clinical notes like diagnoses, procedures, timelines, subject and clinical context. The platform delivers structured and relevant clinical assertions to assist with complex medical problems such as identification of patients with a high risk of hospital readmission. 

Cooperative Distributed Inferencing: Applied a novel hybrid control systems architecture and inferencing algorithms in a distributed fashion. The technology enables systems to learn and repair models in production with a closed feedback loop and optimally address problems of prediction in the absence of training data. This has many applications, including increasing the efficiency of wind, solar and other renewable energy sources within energy grids.

3D Explorer: Created a novel way of visually exploring connections between concepts in large unstructured bodies of data using advanced computational geometry. In medical research, this kind of visualization can accelerate the discovery and understanding of critical findings.

Distributed Machine Learning Framework: Built specialized distributed machine learning algorithms on top of Spark and a full framework to operationalize them. This enables us to automate reproducible distributed feature engineering, condensation, training, hybrid or ensemble learning, measurement and optimization workflows. Applications include cybersecurity where this is used to predict fraudulent behavior and surface bad actors in a fast-changing asymmetric threat environment. 

Big Data Infrastructure: Early adopters and contributors to open source infrastructure technologies, and early to productize and support them. First to use Tachyon in production; first large-scale production use of Spark in healthcare; first to process PHI in a compliant way on AWS.



Our team is constantly looking for driven, collaborative, and inspired people to help us design, develop, implement and maintain our xPatterns platform, solutions, and products

Open Positions:

Software Engineer-Machine Learning
Senior Software Engineer-Machine Learning

Dev Ops

Are you a creative problem solver ready to jump in on a wide range of projects? We are looking for experienced and flexible team members to contribute excellent collaboration and implementation services.

DevOps Engineer
Bellevue Downtown Park
The Beautiful Puget Sound
Timișoara, Romania
Pike Place Market - Downtown Seattle
Downtown Seattle Waterfront
Timișoara, Romania




Atigeo acquired a leading cyber security company; Ascension Ventures made a strategic investment in Atigeo; released xPatterns 5.0



Released xPatterns 4.0; doubled patent portfolio in 2 year span; released a portfolio of solutions that reduce unecessary cost while improving patient care and satisfaction



Named Gartner Cool Vendor; Signed the largest US medial claims processor as a strategic partner; released solutions to combat healthcare fraud, waste and abuse



Launched xPatterns commercially; placed 2nd in a world renowned competition for healthcare text analytics; released xPatterns Clinical Auto-Coding, xPatterns 3D Viewer and xPatterns MedConnect

2005 - 2011

2005 - 2011

R&D Incubation: Atigeo invested 8 years to build an advanced and unified data analytics platform; released xPatterns 3.0 in 2011; transitioned to commercialization



Atigeo was founded by Michael Sandoval with the vision of Compassionate Technology for a Wiser Planet



Based in the beautiful Evergreen state of Washington, Atigeo offers a family-friendly, flexible, engineer- and science-centric work environment that values open communication and emphasizes results. 

  • Salary, bonus and Equity compensation
  • Excellent health insurance for employee and immediate family 
  • 401k plan with company contribution
  • Life and AD&D insurance
  • Stock option grants

  • Generous vacation 
  • Cell phone, home internet, and gym stipend
  • Open and collaborative work environment
  • Onsite game space for employees


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