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Atigeo's Top Takeaways From the 2016 Data Science Summit

Industry-leading data scientists and developers, i.e. Atigeo’s tribe, gathered en masse at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco this week for Data Science Summit 2016. David Talby, our Chief Technology Officer, was on board this year to present on the application of machine learning and natural language David answered our questions about his presentation, as well as what he learned from talks he attended and conversations with big players at the most impressive companies in the field.

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Atigeo Presents - "Online Predictive Modeling of Fraud Schemes from Mulitple Live Streams"

David Talby, CTO and Claudiu Branzan, Principal Lead - Software Engineering present at the Spark Summit, February 2016. 

Inside xPatterns - Taking data to wisdom with Justin Schmauser

Product Manager Justin Schmauser is learning that a procedure at one hospital can cost more than the same procedure at another—even when those hospitals share the same network. Using “a couple hundred gigabytes of data,” Schmauser and the xPatterns platform are helping a healthcare partner answer one important question: What is the cost of the same procedure at Hospital A, Hospital B, and Hospital C? A couple weeks into his analysis, Schmauser explains what makes this “a really cool project.”

"What are you working on?" - Jordan, Software Engineer

Atigeo builds on our current high-accuracy readmissions risk modeling by focusing on specific procedures and populations.

Atigeo Presents: "What Makes Healthcare Data Science so Hard & Interesting" - David Talby, Chief Technology Officer

Speaking at: Data Science Pop-Up Seattle, October 2015.

Atigeo Presents: "Machine Learning in Production" - David Talby, Chief Technology Officer

Presented at: IGTcloud - Big Data, Analytics & Applied Machine Learning - Israeli Innovation Conference. June 2015.