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A Marriage of Data Models: Atigeo Enhances Its Hybrid Analytics

Imagine data science could help an enterprise business predict the demand for products internally and at various suppliers, and then use this information to determine the right times to purchase specific products from specific suppliers. You can stop fantasizing because this technology exists; for five years, a company named ClearSight Systems—now retired—used science like this to help businesses minimize costs, better allocate supplies, and avoid penalties for unsatisfied demands.

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Wolf Kohn Represents Atigeo, Washington State at the Smart Cities Innovation Summit

Today, a renowned research professor at the University of Washington and Atigeo's chief scientist will be the only speaker from Washington state at the nation’s Smart Cities Innovation Summit. The Obama Administration and members of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) invited Atigeo Chief Scientist Wolf Kohn to the Austin, TX, conference to present his unique solution to current challenges with solar power micro-grids. Smart Cities, a 3-day conference developed by the White House and the Department of Energy, brings together international leadership in city governments and global technology to discuss the challenges facing civic spaces and propose cutting-edge solutions.

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