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Semantic Language Understanding With a Side of Machine Learning

Here is how all of this relates to the topic Claudiu and I will be speaking on: “Semantic Natural Language Understanding with Spark, UIMA, and Machine-Learned Ontologies.” The complexity of ICD-10 and the growing numbers of patient visits puts a strain on the medical coding process. And that strain is growing worse each year. So Atigeo created xPatterns CLP, our advanced natural language processing system, to help address this problem.

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On Migrating a Big Data Analytics Platform to Spark 1.6

The xPatterns platform is a vertically integrated stack, which ties together a big data infrastructure, a data science toolbox, and a data and model API serving layer into one cohesive architecture. So we deal with a whole lot of backend plumbing issues to integrate and optimize the different technologies that make up this space. This has the dual goal of hiding distracting backend complexity from our clients, and providing a field-tested reference architecture and tools for productizing end-to-end data pipelines.

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