A Product Manager’s Notes on Learning to Program in R

Data scientists are key customers and users of our products here at Atigeo.   They are the math, statistics, and machine learning pros who are the human driving force behind a scientific approach to big data analytics.  I’ve linked to a few good, basic introductions to data science at the end of this blog, if you […]

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Tachyon: Why we use this fast, memory-centric file system

Tachyon is a fast, memory-centric filesystem.  If you didn’t know Tachyon, you could have guessed the “fast” part;  a tachyon is a particle that can only move faster than the speed of light.  This Tachyon is part of the Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (BDAS), which we at Atigeo have been leaders in deploying in the enterprise.  Tachyon gives us a […]

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Using Biopython to access PubMed health data

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) provides a vast array of biomedical and genomic information, including the PubMed corpus of biomedical articles and associated metadata.

NCBI makes much of this information accessible via its Entrez API:
The Entrez Programming Utilities (E-utilities) are a set of nine server-side programs that provide a stable interface into the Entrez query and database […]

Our Spark SQL REST Server, Codename “Jaws”, is now open source

I’m happy to announce that Atigeo has now open sourced “Jaws”, which is a REST Server on top of Apache Spark SQL & Shark that we’ve been using internally for a while. Jaws is released under the Apache 2.0 license, so it’s free, commercially friendly and compatible with the rest of the Apache Spark stack.

The project […]

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Atigeo Sparks the future of xPatterns

Atigeo is proud to be a sponsor of Spark Summit 2014 in San Francisco, and to offer xPatterns, our flagship big data analytics product, which is Certified on Spark by Databricks. If you’re new to Apache Spark, it is a high-performance big data processing engine with in-memory capability that supports batch, interactive, and streaming workloads […]

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The perils of static machine learning models

Let’s say that you’ve been tasked with building a predictive model for ranking hospital patients for their risk of readmission. Due to new Medicare regulations, this has been a popular data scientist pastime last year, as multiple companies (including Atigeo) rushed to provide applications that enable hospital staff to prioritize extended in-hospital and post-discharge care […]

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Python for Data Science: An IPython Notebook-based Tutorial

IPython Notebooks are one of the portals through which data scientists and enterprise architects will soon be able to utilize the xPatterns analytics framework. While Python is steadily gaining popularity among data scientists, and is becoming increasingly popular for enterprise applications, we recognize that some of our target users may not yet be familiar or proficient with the language.

To […]

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Atigeo xPatterns “Certified on Spark” by Databricks

Note:  This is a crossposting from the Databricks blog, where this blog post originally appeared.

Here at Atigeo, we are always looking for ways to build on, improve, and expand our big data analytics platform, Atigeo xPatterns. More than that, both our development and product management team are focused on big data and on knowing what […]

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xPatterns: What’s in it for you?

My goal with this blog is to make you —   developers and data scientists —  hugely successful on your next ‘big data’ project. The engineering team here at Atigeo has been building and operating intelligent web-scale systems for many years – we did our PhD’s on parallel systems or machine learning, and then gained real-world […]

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