About Atigeo’s xPatterns 

Gain insight. Lower costs. Improve time to market.

xPatterns is Atigeo’s complete big data analytics platform that allows you to rapidly build and deploy intelligent enterprise-grade applications on an open and secure platform that learns. xPatterns is cloud-based, exceedingly scalable, and readily interfaces with existing IT systems. It can act as a virtual abstraction layer and extract value from both legacy and new technologies immediately extending the life, value, and intelligence of an ecosystem. xPatterns Analytics leverage 21st Century patented algorithmic approaches and advanced technologies that reason and self-discover intelligence across silos of data in real-time.

  • Reveals patterns in unstructured text

  • Extract facts from natural language text

  • Dynamic training and self learning

  • Real-time prediction and relevance

  • Real-time evaluation for millions of rules

  • Distributed architecture that scales

xPatterns Analytics is a proprietary family of algorithmic approaches that apply the right tool for the right job. xPatterns automatically orchestrates the best combination of algorithms depending on contextual need, and in relation to dynamic changes in the data. This gives you access to machine learning, natural language processing, inference, relevance, neural networks, topic modeling, data mining, prediction, and optimization, all dynamically applied.

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