Utilize All Data Types

DATA FLEXIBILITY AT SCALE: Utilize structured and unstructured data, easily interface with existing enterprise assets, and connect disparate systems, formats and data silos.

CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Took only 2 weeks and 2 people to integrate tens of terabytes of data from 14 sources and deploy the system. Resulted in 2x more fraud detection at the largest commercial health insurance claims processor.

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Gain Deep Insight

HIGHER ACCURACY RESULTS: xPatterns automatically orchestrates the best combination of analytic approaches depending on contextual need and real-time changes in data; self-improves and evolves in production.

CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Delivered over 300% greater performance than next best competitor for a critical predictive analytics application at one of the world’s largest banks.

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Develop Applications Rapidly

QUICK TIME-TO-PRODUCTION: Implement complete data infrastructure and integrations, and develop analytics-driven applications in weeks.

CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Developed and deployed 4 stand-alone predictive applications for a major US hospital network within months. Scope included problem definition, data integration, analysis, application development and results.

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Atigeo Solutions

Combine cloud computing and your legacy IT on an open, secure platform that learns.

xPatterns for evidence-based medicine, clinical decision support, drug discovery for complex diseases, operational and financial process automation.

Micro-grid control, inductive modeling and grid optimization.

Extract intelligence from all types of data in real-time and at scale for contextual understanding from a group or individual perspective.

Analyze disparate, heterogeneous and asynchronous streams of big data in real-time to estimate returns and risks more accurately.

xPatterns is cloud-based, exceedingly scalable, and readily interfaces with existing IT systems. It can act as a virtual abstraction layer and extract value from both legacy and new technologies immediately extending the life, value, and intelligence of an ecosystem.