Utilize All Data Types

DATA FLEXIBILITY AT SCALE: Utilize structured and unstructured data, easily interface with existing enterprise assets, and connect disparate systems, formats and data silos.

Gain Deep Insight

HIGHER ACCURACY RESULTS: Best combination of analytic approaches applied for contextual need and real-time changes in data; self-improves and evolves in production.

Develop Applications Rapidly

QUICK TIME-TO-PRODUCTION: Complete implementation of data infrastructure and data integration, and development of enterprise scale analytics-driven applications in weeks.




xPatterns Clinical Auto-Coding Improves the Speed & Accuracy of Medical Coding at Proliance Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

“The solution has allowed us to have our fastest, cleanest year-end closure ever” – Dr. Greg Komenda of Proliance Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

“We are very pleased with the accuracy and quality of the results. In almost all cases, the code recommendations are spot on, including the E/M codes. It has been wonderful to work with the Atigeo team.” – Jessica Weathers, Proliance Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Business Office Manager